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Guided Transformation

Judith Garncarek, LISW, ACHt

Portrait with Rainbow Colors

Holistic Psychotherapy

My approach to helping you to heal integrates your mind, body and soul. I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and guide you to wellness

so that you can live your life to your fullest potential.

Healing the Inner Child

Many of us pass through life without fully satisfying the

needs we had at a particular developmental stage.

Together we can explore the lost parts of you that now can thrive,

with nurturing, love, and attention.

The Dynamics of Relationships

Relationships challenge us to step up to be the best we can be, and join with others for the purpose of creating something greater. Let me help you navigate your way to happy and fulfilling relationships through joint and individual therapy.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy

With this remarkable practice, I will guide you to a state of mind where your unconscious motivations can be processed and transformed.

Through this healing process, you can

relieve symptoms of trauma, overcome addictions,

manage the mind-body connection, and

resolve emotional pain suffered in your past.

Young Lovers

Heart-Centered Breathwork

This astounding process will help you integrate and process your perceptions. I will sit with you as you engage in a self-directed journey to the heights of your perception and the depths of your soul.

Relationship Resolution through the Clearing Process

Through this short and incisive activity, you can learn

what might lie at the root of relationship conflicts,

and how to resolve them through open, honest communication.

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